Sustainability & Environment

Camlab are a small but very efficient organisation and so we have limited ability to dramatically affect the emissions we create. We have significantly reduced the emissions we create by 63% since 2013. This represents a 29% reduction (61.23 tonnes) as at 2019 with covid having an impact in 2020 and 2021 with reduced travel.

Our approach was and is relatively simple in that we identified each business area / process that generated significant emissions and then created plans to address those areas. There were 4 primary areas which were identified as key – electricity & gas, company cars, other business travel and waste.

Each of these areas have had specific actions taken to analyse, understand and then address the impacts as below:


  • Electricity – We had solar panels installed on our business premises roof in 2014. This has produced 100.22 MWh in the last 12 months compared to our consumption of 100.65MWh. So this shows that we are 99.6% self sustainable. Solar and LED lighting with motion sensor detectors have been installed throughout our premises.
  • Gas – Air sourced heat pumps were installed on site to reduce the gas boiler usage with the heat pumps being run by solar generated electricity.
  • Other business travel – linked into the above we have reduced travel by operating more remote meetings. COVID has accelerated this programme and we now expect a much greater portion of meetings to be held remotely, avoiding travel.
  • Company cars – Our fleet has largely now converted to electric / hybrid vehicles greatly reducing fuel usage. We also provide free of charge charging points for all staff for use outside of the company car scheme.
  • Waste - a large portion of our shipments out are now packaged using recycled boxes. We have also taken steps to ensure any waste is recycled where possible. Our approach is to refuse, reduce, recycle or replace. 

And more...

Since we have made significant progress with the above areas we are now continuing our drive in the following indirect areas:

  • Camlab are working with our UK based supply chain to minimise dual handling and dual delivery of a wide range of products. We remain able to reflect stocks available within our business system but the product remains at the UK manufacturer until required when it is then delivered direct to the customer.
  • Camlab have implemented a robust but effective work from home policy for all our office based employees (24 staff). This means that an employee can choose which days of any week they wish to work from home or from the office. Most employees have moved from a 5 day week in the office to a 2 day week in the office. This saves 127,670 miles of travel to and from the office per year.

Environment Statement

At Camlab alongside our ISO 14001 certification we are continually looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. Our employee and engagement coordinators work with staff to continually come up with new and innovative ideas and this has continued throughout 2020 with planting flowers to encourage wildlife, through to more flexible working from home arrangements.  You can view our environmental statement here.

It is hoped that our environmental management system provides long term benefits to the company, the working environment, local community and the world in general.   

 While we are not a member of any authority or collaborative partners or carbon offsetting scheme we continue to keep this reduction a priority at Camlab.

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