Safety items for use in the laboratory, workplace, home or office. Browse our range for those essential safety items including disposal bins, spill kits, safety signs, first aid supplies and more.

Benchtop and Surface Protection

Absorbent plastic backed papers and heat resistant mats for protecting the benchtop in the laboratory.

Bins and Disposal

Safely dispose of clinical waste and sharps with the appropriate container, bag or disposal bin.

First Aid

British Standard compliant first aid kits, replacement tapes and adhesives.

Showers and Eyewash

Safety standards demand that safety showers and eye-wash stations are readily available where needed.

Site Environment Testing
Equipment for performing routine safety checks on site or in the field including gas detection, wind speed and light and sound levels.
Spill Kits and Sorbents

Spill kits for biohazards, chemicals and mercury along with 

Warning Tape and Labels

Warning tapes and labels for identifying hazards according to health and safety directives.

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