Labware, Containers and Volumetrics

Buckets & Trays

Ice buckets can be very useful for cooling a reaction quickly and for temporary storage of samples.

Cryogenics Storage

Cryogenic storage designed for the storage of cellular material both long and short term and in transit.

Lab Tools and Stationary

All those little sundry items that you need in the laboratory like brushes, pens, spatulas, timers and the all important laboratory notebook.

Light Box, UV Lamps and Cabinets

A selection of UV lamps and detectors for the visualisation of gels, TLC, non-destructive testing, forensic applications and clean room inspection. 


Finding the right stopper for your container can be a time cosuming task, but Camlab have plenty of choice whether you need glass, cork, plastic or simple rubber bungs.


Silicon and PVC tubing for most laboratory uses. Heavy walled rubber tubing for bunsen burners and tubing accessories including connectors, joints and non-return valves.

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