Live Stock Information

We are committed to providing you with accurate and realistic data regarding availability and delivery of items from our extensive range of over 45,000 products. Obviously with such a large offering we can't stock everything, but what we can do is show you live availability information as clearly as possible.

You will find three main variations to the stock information we provide, as follows:

Live stock

In these examples the first item has over 50 packs in stock and the second item has just 29 packs left in stock in our Cambridge warehouse. These can be despatched immediately once we have received and cleared payment on your order.

Live Stock

The item in this example item is not in stock but should you purchase, it will normally be delivered to you within the stated lead-time.

Note that we need to receive your order to activate this lead-time. e.g. in the example above it does not mean they are due in XX days, it means if you order we can normally source and deliver to you within the XX days. This is based on lead-time information provided to us by the supplier which we update according to actual delivery performance from the supplier. This is why you will see variations on the stated times on one page.

If we haven't sold the particular item in the last twelve months this figure will be the manufacturers stated lead-time plus handling time to get it to a UK customer. Deliveries outside UK will take longer.

Live Stock

For information on this item you will need to contact our sales office on 01954 233110 as there may be a reason why live stock info is not being shown. The item may have been temporarily withdrawn or superseded.