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We are committed to providing you with accurate and realistic data regarding availability and delivery of items from our extensive range of over 55,000 products. Obviously with such a large offering we can't stock everything, but what we can do is show you live availability information and how long it would take to get items for you as clearly as possible. 

Delivery Lead Times

Please note that we need to receive your order to activate thie stated lead-time. e.g. in the examples below it does not mean they are due in XX days, it means if you order we can normally source and deliver to you within the XX days. This is based on lead-time information provided to us by the supplier which we update according to actual delivery performance from the supplier. This is why you will see variations on the stated times on one page.

If we haven't sold the particular item in the last twelve months this figure will be the manufacturers stated lead-time plus handling time to get it to a UK customer. Deliveries outside UK will take longer.


Search Results

When searching for items on our 'smartsearch' you can select filters on the left hand side by clicking the filter. The active filter will then show as an orange bar. This will reduce the number of visible items according to the filter you have selected. As Availability is a filter you can choose to only see items that are currently in stock by clicking on 'In Stock'.

Category Pages

When browsing items by category you can narrow the items in view by selecting a filter on the left hand column by ticking the bock next to the filter value. Again Stock Availability is a filter option and if you tick 'In Stock' you will only see items we have in stock.  Please note that for grouped items that may contain some in-stock and some backorder items you will need to check the individual item. See below.

Items with options such as Colour and Size

Where items are essentially the same item and differ only by size or colour they are presented as below with a choice of options for you to select. You will not see any information on a product until you have selected the available options. Even if only one option is showing you will still need to select it.

Product pageProduct page

In this example above you need to select the options such as colour and size to see the current stock level. When you have selected the item correctly you will see the part number (SKU) to the right of price and an updated stock message on the green band.

Product page with options selectedProduct page with options selected

Groups of Similar Products

Where items are different but can be essentially grouped together they will displayed as the items below. For these the stock information is listed on each indivudal item.

Grouped productGrouped product

Items with a range of similar items are displayed differently. To view stock levels select the VIEW PRODUCTS button which will move your view down the page to a list of individual items.

List of itemsList of items

These items show different messages depending on how many are in stock.

The first item in this example is not in stock but should you purchase, it will normally be delivered to you within the stated lead-time of 9 days after you place your order.

The next item has 11 packs in stock and the third item has over 50 packs in stock at our Cambridge warehouse. These can be despatched immediately once we have received and cleared payment on your order.


If you have selected items for your basket and want to know if they are in stock or how long it will take for us deliver you can now see the leadtimes stated when you view your basket.  In the example below the Neon 3 cair will take 7 days to be delivered to you once you have placed your order. The Champ 1  is in stock and will be despatched same or next day.

Call for Details

call for detailscall for details

For information on this item you will need to contact our sales office on 01954 233110 as there may be a reason why live stock info is not being shown. The item may need specialist configuration or could have been temporarily withdrawn or superseded.

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