Lab Consumables

Items in our laboratory consumables range are chosen for quality, performance and price to give more choice when selecting items for day to day consumable use.


Biohazard bags are an essential item when disposing of hazardous waste in a responsible manner. Camlab also have specialist bags and general waste containers, including bags for sampling and for refuse.

Containers  Single Use
<p>Disposable plastic containers for most types of specimen collection and sterile dippers with integral handles.Choice of materials available including HDPE, PET and Polypropylene. </p>
Foils and Films

Sealing solutions include parafilm and aluminium foil for sealing flasks and beakers and saran wrap which is food safe.


Camlab have a range of labels for cryogenic storage of samples, hazard labels, coloured dots and strips, benchtop labelling tape for easy identification of samples.

Surgical Supplies

Everything you need for surgical procedures including, gowns, masks, scalpels, needles and other surgical tools.

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