BREXIT and Camlab

The UK left the EU as of the 31st January 2020. The transition period ended on December 31st 2020. Whilst the UK and EU negotiate the final relationship; the latest indicators are that they are still far away from a frictionless free trade agreement.

The October 15th deadline imposed by the Prime Minister after the EU summit has now passed and there has been little progress with both the EU and UK unable to compromise on fisheries, governance of borders and level playing field rules and regulations.

Without a further extension of the transition period into 2021 No Deal or Hard Brexit consequences are still possible causing, World Trade organisation tariffs and duties on exports and imports resulting in price increases and delays, on goods and services caused by interruptions of normal supply chains and regulatory disruption..

To assist our customers Brexit mitigation process we are happy to receive or provide (if needed) individual customers annual usage data to assess their requirements during this period.

Whilst we cannot predict the exact reaction of the laboratory market to a ‘No deal Brexit’, we wish to re-assure customers that we are doing what we can to ensure we provide continuity of supply and are happy to enter into a constructive dialogue prior to Brexit with both our customers and Suppliers.



We are once again asking our customers to let us know which products are critical to their business or research process and where possible to plan forward deliveries of these items to help mitigate this potential supply chain risk as a consequence.

We are therefore encouraging our customers to place forward orders for the next 3- 6 months to us to ensure both continuity of supply during the forthcoming Brexit disruption period. * Some PPE items like gloves now have a 4-6 month lead time

Please contact our Brexit mitigation team on brexit@camlab.co.uk or call directly on +44(0)1954233110 

You can view our 1.Brexit Mitigation Statement, 2. Readiness Questionnaire and our 3.Risk Assessment by clicking on the buttons below.


We have been doing a lot of work in the background to prepare and have produced a statement of intent which you can view below. 

If you would like to start discussions with our Brexit mitigation team to reserve stock/arrange alternative supply or if you require further information please click the button below.