Eppendorf Freezers

Eppendorf offers a number of ranges of ULT freezers combining ergonomic features, energy efficiency, performance and quality. Here we list the features of an Eppendorf ULT and also describe the key considerations to think about when choosing a suitable ULT freezer for your lab. 

Why choose an Eppendorf?

Upright or chest freezer

The main consideration for most when choosing a suitable ULT freezer is if it is to be an upright or chest freezer.

The most common type found in labs is the classic upright freezer, it has a small footprint to volume ratio, and due to its tall, open configuration, this makes it easy to locate your samples, which is especially important if you are regularly accessing the freezer. Standing at the freezer with the door open for long periods of time whilst searching for your sample will compromise the temperature within. Due to their smaller footprint, upright freezers are also easier to transport into the lab.

But if you have the floor space, chest freezers have a number of benefits over uprights. Since they have insulated walls all the way round, owing to opening from the top, they hold the cold in more efficiently – they have less energy consumption for a given volume. The gaskets of any low temperature freezer will allow a small amount of cold air to leave and because of the design, this is reduced in a chest freezer. When opening uprights, cold air can literally ‘fall out’ of the front of the freezer, whereas this is more minimal in chest freezers. Chest freezers are often seen as a good choice for long term storage of samples where space allows because of their lower energy usage per volume.

Air cooled or Water cooling freezers 


Eppendorf have developed a number of different insulated wall types offering a choice so you will be sure to find a suitable option to meet your capacity, efficiency and price requirements. 

Eppendorf ULT wall types

Back up systems

Whilst Eppendorf ULT freezers can maintain temperatures of -50C or colder for  8 -10 hours during a power failure, a backup system can provide that extra piece of mind for maintaining your sample integrity. They are available as either liquid CO2 or LN2, these battery powered systems can maintain freezer temperatures at between -50 and -70C and as low as -85C respectively. These systems can be provided as factory fitted options or can be retrofitted on site.



Freezer maintenance as recommended by Eppendorf

Like all pieces of lab equipment, a degree of maintenance is needed to keep your ULT freezer working at its best including a yearly defrost. You can read our full guide to looking after your freezer here.  

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